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Ozone For Health

Energise, Invigorate, Cleanse, and Deodorise your home and workplace with pure,chemical-free Ozone.

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Odour Buster


The Odour Buster is a powerful, commercial, odour removing machine. It produces a high concentration of ozone gas, and is suitable for larger spaces, or heavier contamination.

The Ozone outlet is designed to feed directly into the space to be ozonated. There is an option to feed in a pure oxygen source, instead of air, which triples the ozone production.

Unlike fragrances which merely mask the odours, the Odour Buster destroys odours through oxidisation of the offending compounds.

The Odour Buster machine is robust, and simple to operate and maintain. Built with premium quality components, the Odour Buster will give years of economical performance.

Try the Odour Buster before you buy, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

A few hours with this powerful machine and sustained and stubborn contamination can be removed, in larger spaces.

HIRE : NZ$135.65 + Gst per day. NZ only.

BUY : NZ$1395.00 + Gst.


  • Powerful Ceramic Corona Discharge Ozone Generator.
  • Hi-Output 450 m3/hour fan.
  • Optional Oxygen Feed Inlet.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • No chemicals or consumables needed.
  • 150mm flexible ducting coupling allows remote application.


Air Flow Output : 450 m3/hour.

Ozone Production dry air : Up to 5,000 mg/hr (tested on oxygen feed), 40g O3/m3~30,000ppm by weight.

Ozone Production Oxygen : 14,000 ppm (by optional external oxygen concentrator).

Treats up to : 3,000 m3 / 100,000 cu.ft. room size.

Supply : 230 vac, A 1.

Dimensions W x H x L (mm) / Weight : 220 x 290 x 380 powder coated steel cabinet / 6kg.

Optimum Operating Conditions : 0-35 oC (non condensing), 75% relative humidity.

Power Inlet : Universal IEC 3-pin power cord.

Timer (optional) : Mechanical, 120 mins.

Warranty : One year back to factory (in NZ).

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