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Ozone For Health

Energise, Invigorate, Cleanse, and Deodorise your home and workplace with pure,chemical-free Ozone.

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Spa Ozonator CX110


The CX Series Ozonators are an extremely versatile range, offering compact, yet High Output Corona Discharge ozonation.

This series is carefully engineered, using the finest materials available, for maximum efficient ozone production, and will give you years of uninterrupted service. The CX Series are simple to operate, and feature a reliable high output ozone reaction chamber. You can fully expect at least a decade of untroubled use.

Installation to new or used spas and pools can be done by the owner, or by an ozonator installer. They require no regular maintenance, and are fully serviceable if and when needed.

A small amount of electricity, and air, are the only raw materials needed to make nature's own purifier for air and water. The O3 molecule is used for so many purification purposes, including by bottled water plants, to ensure bottled water is free of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi,heavy metals, and any toxic organic material.

Use the CX Series Ozonators to safely and effectively destroy:

  • Bacteria, coliforms, viruses, and cysts
  • Chloramines
  • Oils, lotions, and other contaminants in water
  • Unpleasant tastes in water
  • Odours in air

These versatile machines have multiple applications for water and air purification.

Use in :

  • Spa pools, swim spas, and domestic swimming pools
  • Domestic raain water tanks
  • Ozonated water for health drinks
  • Hydroponic nutrient solutions
  • Deodorising motor vehicles and boats
  • Removal of tobacco smoke and cooking odours
  • Aquaculture, water features and algae control
  • Domestic water treatment systems

Technical Data :

Ozone Output : 100 mg/hour.

Basic install Kit includes : Check valve, 1m clear PVC ozone delivery hose, power cord, installation and owner's manual.

Application Options : Venturi injectors, ceramic diffusers, spa pool through-wall diffusers, accessory kits.

Enquire about the option to suit you now.

Price : NZ$395.00 + Gst (if in NZ)

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