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Ozone For Health

Energise, Invigorate, Cleanse, and Deodorise your home and workplace with pure,chemical-free Ozone.

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Y Shape Faucet


This elegant style faucet is one of a new series of kitchen mixers that produce ozonized water straight from the tap.

This has opened the door to cleaner, safer, healthier and chemical free water available in your home, on demand, every day.

The ozone tap kills bacteria, disinfects work surfaces and kitchen equipment, neutralizes pesticides and chemical residues. Washing hands and food in this water means the standard of cleanliness is raised exponentially.

Drinking ozonated water has many health benefits, including helping to prevent imbalances of many compounds in your body, that can cause disease.

Rural tank water users will appreciate that ozonated water not only removes bacteria, pathogens, and metals, it also removes odours from roof water, or other sources.

The water out of the ozone tap produces oxygen rich water with 2-4 times the oxygen content of regular tap water, meaning that after the ozone has done it's job, all you are left with is healthy, great tasting drinking water!

Kills 99% of common pathogens in kitchens

Remove pesticdes from food

Longer lasting fruit and vegetables

Keeps seafood and poultry fresh

Removes odours

Keeps surfaces, sponges and brushes germ free

Clean clothes in ozonized water for superior cleaning and odour removal

Specifications :

3 Way Single Lever Kitchen Mixer (cold / warm / hot).

Brass with chrome finish.

Includes LED indicator and ozone switch.

Auto turn-on for instant ozonized water.

100mg Corona Discharge ozone generator.

Ozone concentration in water: 0.5 ppm. In air: 0.03 ppm.

Universal power pack, NZ/AUS style plug.

Water pressure 0.5 - 5 kg/cm2.

Dimensions: 365mm H x 200mm W.

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